Wrapped Bouquets

The Swann Sympathy


Name: The Swann Sympathy Bouquet
Size: Deluxe
Flowers: Shades of white and green

Description: In times of sorrow, The Swann Sympathy Bouquet seeks to offer comfort and a tender touch of sympathy with its graceful assembly of pure white blossoms nestled amidst lush green leaves. This thoughtfully designed bouquet embodies peace, remembrance, and the everlasting beauty and cycle of life, evoking a gentle embrace for the heart in moments of remembrance. Let it stand as a beautiful, tranquil tribute, conveying your heartfelt sympathies and shared sorrow. Note: Vase not included.

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Flowers: Deluxe collection of the freshest white blooms paired harmoniously with vibrant green foliage, showcasing the essence of peace and reverence.
Size: Deluxe, a substantial arrangement assembled with compassion and care to present a full, balanced visual harmony.

Essential care guidelines:

  • Upon arrival, promptly remove flowers from the bouquet box and rehydrate.
  • Cut 2-3 inches off the stems and place them in a vessel filled with warm water.
  • The stems will initially consume a large amount of water; replenish as required.
  • Keep the freshly cut ends of the stems constantly under water to enhance longevity.
  • To sustain the freshness, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Kindly note, blooms might vary throughout the season.
  • Vase not included.