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Sunshine Succulent

Plant: Succulent – This robust and vibrant plant brings a natural freshness to your space, requiring minimal care while offering a lively green presence.
Planter: Happy face with yellow glasses – Crafted to spread joy, this planter features a jovial happy face motif and is equipped with trendy yellow glasses, promising to add a bright and cheerful touch to your interiors.
Care: Succulents are known for being low-maintenance, thriving in well-draining soil, and requiring minimal watering. We provide a comprehensive care guide to help your succulent flourish.

Essential Care Instructions:

  • Position your planter in a location with ample natural light to ensure the succulent’s healthy growth.
  • Water sparingly, allowing the soil to almost dry out between waterings to foster healthy root development.
  • Protect your plant from extreme temperatures, avoiding too cold or too hot environments.
  • Remove dead or yellowing leaves to maintain the plant’s vitality and to encourage fresh growth.
  • Embrace the unique growth patterns of your succulent; each one is beautifully unique.
  • The Happy Face Yellow Glasses Planter is included with the purchase.

This Succulent in Happy Face, Yellow Glasses Planter stands as a beacon of happiness, offering not just a plant but a joyous presence that uplifts spirits and enlivens spaces with its delightful personality. It’s a perfect gift for loved ones or a splendid addition to your personal living space, promising smiles and happiness galore.

Care Instructions

Once your exquisite Flor + Palma flowers have arrived, follow these simple steps to ensure they stay vibrant and fresh for as long as possible:

Cut approximately 1” off your stems on an angle every few days to help with the longevity of your flowers

Make sure to keep your flowers out of extreme cold or heat and away from direct sunlight

Change the water daily to help your flowers last longer!

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