Flower Arrangements in Vases

Palma Ceia


Name: Palma Ceia
Type: Flower Arrangements in a Tall Vase
Flowers: Shades of light pinks

Description: Step into a world of elegance and understated grandeur with the Palma Ceia flower arrangement. Named after the renowned picturesque surroundings of Palma Ceia, this arrangement is a reverie of light pink shades that echo the ethereal charm of spring blossoms, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere that breathes life into any space. Carefully designed with a tall vase that elegantly holds the graceful stems, Palma Ceia stands as a testimony to the sophisticated subtleties of love, grace, and serenity.


Flowers: An elegant assemblage of the season’s freshest blooms in delicate shades of light pink, hand-selected for their beauty and harmony.
Vase: An attractively designed tall vase, which not only elevates the bouquet but also integrates seamlessly with a variety of interiors, adding a touch of class and splendor to the surroundings.
Arrangement: The bouquet boasts a thoughtfully designed structure, with tall, graceful stems reaching skywards, creating a captivating play of heights and colors that is sure to mesmerize.

Essential care guidelines:

  • Upon arrival, promptly remove flowers from the bouquet box and rehydrate.
  • Cut 2-3 inches off the stems and place them in a vessel filled with warm water.
  • The stems will initially consume a large amount of water; replenish as required.
  • Keep the freshly cut ends of the stems constantly under water to enhance longevity.
  • To sustain the freshness, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Kindly note, that blooms might vary throughout the season.
  • Vase not included.

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