Plant Arrangements

Hoya Haven


Name: Hoya Haven
Plant: Hoya
Planter: Elephant-shaped

Description: Step into a world of natural elegance and whimsy with our Elephant Vase featuring a lush Hoya plant. This one-of-a-kind offering pairs the succulent leaves of the Hoya with a playful yet sophisticated elephant-shaped vase, bringing a touch of the wild and the wonderful into your living space. This delightful ensemble is more than a plant; it’s a conversation starter, a statement of style, and a living piece of art that symbolizes strength and wisdom.



Plant: Hoya – Known for its thick, succulent leaves and strikingly beautiful star-shaped flowers that add a splash of color and natural beauty to any space.
Vase: Elephant-shaped – This specially designed vase takes the shape of an elephant, a representation of strength, honor, stability, and patience, adding a rich symbolism and aesthetic value to your interiors.
Care: This low-maintenance Hoya plant requires moderate sunlight and well-draining soil. We include a detailed care guide to help you foster a long and healthy life for your new green companion.

Essential Care Instructions:

  • Position your Elephant Vase with Hoya plant in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight to encourage vibrant growth and potential flowering.
  • Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions to prevent root rot.
  • Maintain a consistent temperature, avoiding places with cold drafts or excessive heat.
  • Trim older or yellowing leaves to keep the plant healthy and encourage new growth.
  • The plant may showcase variations due to its natural growth pattern.
  • The Elephant Vase is included with the plant.

The Elephant Vase with Hoya Plant brings a playful yet refined touch to your home, nurturing harmony with its refreshing green presence and elevating spaces with its artistic, elephant-shaped vase. It is a perfect companion for both plant enthusiasts and elephant lovers, promising a delightful synergy of nature and art in one beautiful package.