Wrapped Bouquets

Habana Way


Name: Habana Way Bouquet
Size: Medium
Flowers: Vibrant colors

Description: This medium-sized arrangement bursts with lively colors, capturing the spirit of festivity and the pulsating rhythh. Each stem is a note in a vivid symphony of hues, creating a rich tapestry that is both warm and inviting, effortlessly bringing joy and a splash of celebration to your day. Note: Vase not included.



Flowers: A jubilant collection of seasonally available flowers in an explosion of vibrant colors.
Size: The medium size holds a delightful array of blooms, skillfully arranged to convey an energetic yet balanced visual harmony.

Essential care guidelines:

  • Upon arrival, promptly remove flowers from the bouquet box and rehydrate.
  • Cut 2-3 inches off the stems and place them in a vessel filled with warm water.
  • The stems will initially consume a large amount of water; replenish as required.
  • Keep the freshly cut ends of the stems constantly under water to enhance longevity.
  • To sustain the freshness, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  • Kindly note, blooms might vary throughout the season.
  • Vase not included.