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Bambino Bliss

Plant: Fiddle Leaf “Bambino” – Known for its small but lush and glossy leaves, the “Bambino” is a charming compact variant of the classic Fiddle Leaf, bringing a joyful splash of green to brighten up any interior space.
Pot: Round Ceramic Pot – The carefully crafted ceramic pot offers a smooth, rounded home for the “Bambino,” complementing the vibrant foliage with its understated elegance and providing a sturdy base for the growing plant.
Care: We’ve ensured that caring for your Fiddle Leaf “Bambino” is a breeze by including a detailed care guide to help nurture your plant to its full flourishing potential.

Essential Care Instructions:

  • Select a bright, indirect light spot to showcase your Bambino Bliss, as the Fiddle Leaf “Bambino” enjoys a well-lit environment to thrive.
  • Establish a regular watering routine, allowing the topsoil to dry out slightly before the next watering session to prevent over-watering.
  • Maintain a humid atmosphere for your plant by misting the leaves regularly or placing a humidifier nearby.
  • Gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and maintain its glossy appearance.
  • Embrace the natural growth patterns of your plant, acknowledging that each “Bambino” will develop unique characteristics over time.
  • The round ceramic pot is included with the plant.

The Bambino Bliss stands as a delightful addition to any plant collection, promising a fresh, lively ambiance with its lush foliage and chic ceramic abode. This offering is a celebration of life, greenery, and artistic design, providing a stunning focal point that blends effortlessly with diverse interiors, adding a warm, natural touch to your cherished spaces.

Care Instructions

Once your exquisite Flor + Palma flowers have arrived, follow these simple steps to ensure they stay vibrant and fresh for as long as possible:

Cut approximately 1” off your stems on an angle every few days to help with the longevity of your flowers

Make sure to keep your flowers out of extreme cold or heat and away from direct sunlight

Change the water daily to help your flowers last longer!

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