Urban Flower and Plant Shop

Seasonal, locally grown fresh and dry flower bar. Full service florists offering local delivery. Browse our shop for grab + go bouquets, low maintenance potted plants. Creative Garden Mixologists are also available to design container Gardens, Flower & Indoor plant arrangements, Herb & Vegetable garden boxes for any space.

Lifestyle brand focused on beautifully designed functional pieces to enjoy life outdoors. Browse our  tote bags, gardening aprons, and garden accessories.



Flor and Palma blossomed from the life-long friendship between Carmen and Sandra. Both shared a passion and love for artisan crafted products, flowers, garden and decor. With Sandra’s background in fashion design and Carmen’s experience as a science educator and farm owner, they were inspired to use their skills as the foundation for Flor and Palma.



To design beautiful yet functional home and garden pieces and apparel for any space. Promoting sustainable edible gardening practices by designing herb and vegetable gardens for the home. Lifestyle brand designing functional pieces for working and enjoying the outdoors.